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    Harmony Row Youth Club

    Formed in 1915 in the midst of hostilities in the First World War, Harmony Row Youth Club has a proud, unbroken record of serving the needs of young people from in and around the Govan area of Glasgow.

    Based originally in an old shop front in Harmony Row, Govan, the club went from strength to strength and over the years began to develop a reputation for its football teams, many of which went on to great success and many of whose players achieved professional status in the game.

    Its greatest Old Boy and now Club Patron is Sir Alex Ferguson after whom the club’s new headquarters in Braehead is named.

    Over the years, netball began to feature as a sport enjoyed by girls and young women and the club now has a very healthy netball section, quite the equal of the football side.

    Ferguson Park accommodates a full-sized international soccer surface, changing and meeting rooms and car parking for which the club raised development money of circa £1.6 million – without recourse to public finances. In the club’s centenary year it’s moving forward with ambitious plans to build a Sports Barn alongside the pitch in order to accommodate netball, indoor training, improved changing and showering facilities and upgrading car parking space  – a feature not considered necessary when the club first opened one hundred years ago as car ownership was quite unknown at that time!


    Harmony Row has not achieved its success by good fortune – but by relying upon high quality coaching both in respect of football and netball. Coaches give generously of their time and are themselves trained and schooled in the skills necessary to see young people achieve their potential. Harmony Row is proud of its ethos that sport is more than just physical effort and competitiveness and coaches see their role as helping to develop rounded, mature young adults.


    Harmony Row presently manages football teams from under-sevens to under twenty-ones that involve some three hundred boys – and increasingly girls. Over the years the club has triumphed routinely in some of the nation’s premier awards. Football represents a wonderful way of engaging young people and the club is determined to fulfil its social obligations by maintaining its policy of ensuring that it remains open to all who share an interest in sport whatever their religion, race, colour or sexual orientation. Anyone interested in participating can find contact details on the football web page.

    Fegie Park2


    Netball is the preferred choice of sport for the girls who are members of Harmony Row. Over past years the club has seen many of the members of its four senior teams selected for national honours and its teams have won many competitions held in Scotland. Presently, six players represent Scotland at different age groups. It is also a stable club, benefiting from an unbroken thirty-five years leadership from top Scottish coach, Angela Kirkpatrick supported by eight qualified umpires – one of whom referees at an international level. However, the club does not focus only on elite athletes and has a burgeoning junior section.

     Team Picture

    The absence of local facilities has seen the teams having to secure resources across the city. A new development seeks to secure a new Sports Barn at Ferguson Park in order to re-integrate male and female activities and ensure higher levels of attainment within each sport.

    Anyone interested in participating should make contact via the netball web page.

    Club Patron

    The Club Patron is Sir Alex Ferguson CBE, the most decorated footballing personality in British football and one of the best known football managers in world soccer. A member of Harmony Row Youth Club since his childhood, Sir Alex maintains a close relationship with his earlier teammates and has led fund-raising activity over the past twenty years resulting in the development of Ferguson Park at a cost of circa £1.6 million.



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